0lll Architecture Photographs 0lll.com
Photographs of contemporary architecture from Europe and also bits from other places around the world.
We want to present a different point of view, unlike the highly controlled and choreographed images from architecture journals, here we want to look at buildings more like how they look in real life, noticing all those little details that are never shown in other publications. Also you might find here videos, architectural drawings our own annotations and other thoughts about the buildings.
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The usual legal stuff:
All text and architecture photos on this website are the Copyright of 0lll-Architecture Gallery, except where the contributor is credited in which case of course the contributor is holder of all the photo rights.
We hope that our content will be useful to you and we welcome the linking to our pages. However you are not authorized to copy any of our material for commercial purposes.
If you are interested in High-res larger versions of our photographs send us a line and we could arrange something.